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Meet The Pastor

Pastor Ronald J. Winston

Pastor Ron is a native of Oakland California, he attended the local church in his neighborhood. At age 16 he came home from church and told his mother that he was going to be preacher.


But it was not until 1981 when he gave his life to the Lord while stationed at March Air Force Base in Riverside California. Three months later he was reassigned to Lakenheath AFB, in England.  It was there he met his mentor, Pastor Arnell McSwain.  From 1982 -1990 he received formal training in the ministry. Recognizing the anointing on his life, Pastor McSwain appointed him to various positions in the church. He was the head Deacon, Sunday School Superintendent and Sunday School teacher for the adult class. During this period, he was licensed to preach the gospel by United Gospel Fellowship. As Associate Pastor, he continued his pastoral training program, there he learned how to effectively start, build, and maintain the local church.     

After his tour in England, he returned to the United States to Texas. There, he, and a friend started a service on base, he served as the Assistant Pastor.


After ministering in Texas for fourteen years, he moved to Las Vegas, NV. After visiting Calvary Southern Baptist Church for 6 months, he joined the membership in 2001 under the leadership of Pastor Jaffus Haley Jr.

From 2001 – 2020, he served as a Minister on the ministerial staff at Calvary, He also served as the Vacation Bible School Director and the Director of the Sunday School Adult Department.  Pastor Ron and his wife RoSand have been married for fourteen years.

Pastor Winston has preached the gospel for more than 30 years.  He received his Bachelor of Arts, Theology in June 2003 from Minnesota Graduate School of Theology, with Cum Laude honors.

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